Threadz Strings Review


A review of threadz string.

Feel & Looks : To start things off when you first use it it feels a bit rough but once you play with it four a few minutes it starts getting softer and fells great. They look awesome the colors blend very well. My favorite of them all was the white and gren it just looked amazing.Even after hours of Play these strings are not fraying which is why i like them

Play and Tension : These things are a bit thin so it means they cut throught the air really fast which is why their great for whips, slacks, and suicides. They are also good for all kinds of play like technical and so on. The tension on these strings is great i dont have to adjust the tension every throw like on some strings.

Last Thoughts : These are my favorite strings so far. I will definetly be buying some more of these later on and if you want to buy some just contact adam.

I made a quick video using them
Criticism on both the review and the video is accepted. Thanks for looking.


Thanks man! Great video!


No Thank You for great strings


Haha, no problem. I’m glad people like them.