J3 String Review

With a combination of luck an fast pm-typing, I got the awesome opportunity to test some of J3’s new custom strings!

First Impressions-

When I first took these strings out of the nice, neat package sent to me by J3, my first thought was “WOW”. He seems to use especially vibrant threads, and all the threads of the yoyo complement each other very well.


Overall Playability-

I absolutely love these strings. I usually don’t rave about strings, but I have to for these. The feel is the perfect control of whip, control and smoothness. They retain tension very, very well. One of my favorite things was that after 3 weeks of play every day, they looked brand new.


These strings are SMOOTH! I love the way they whip. Every time, they make that soft “whooscht” sound that tells you that you’ve landed a whip.

Final Overview-

Get some of these strings! Each one is handmade by J3, and you can tell he puts a lot of effort into each and every one of them. Pick some up!


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