J3's String Review

J3 was very kind to send me 3 types of string to test, and I’m glad he did, they are some great strings.

My favorite string was type 2, followed by type 3, and type 1 being my least favorite.

I liked type 2 because it was very whippy, kinda rough, and had just a tiny bit of bounce to it. It was slighty thicker than average, but not too thick. Type 3 was soft, thin, and had a nice bounce to it. Type 1 was soft, thin, and had very little bounce to it. All 3 strings managed tension nicely. All 3 strings were very vibrant and matched my throws perfectly.

I didn’t he any cons with type 2, but type 3 was a little to thin for my tastes and type 1 didn’t have enough bounce for my tastes.

It would be nice if type 3 was slightly thicker and type 1 had a little more bounce to it.

I would compare type 2 to a slightly thicker Twisted A1. I would compare type 3 to a thinner YYSL type x. I would compare type 1 to a softer and not as whippy Toxic Dragon.

Type 2 lasted the longest, around 2 weeks of play. I threw it away because it wasn’t holding tension great anymore. Type 3 lasted around 10 days of play. I threw it away because it was very fuzzy. Type 1 lasted around 1 week. I threw it away because it wasn’t holding great anymore.

Type 2 didn’t have a break in, but the others did, as they got slightly softer.

Type 1 is on the majesty, type 2 is on the AC, and type 3 is on the Chief.
Thanks for reading this review, if appreciate constructive criticism.

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