Big yoyo strings. Some thoughts..



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Today I will be posting some thought on the new and upcoming company Big Yoyo Strings!

Type 1 string: This string starts off pretty stiff, but after some play, it got really soft. It’s really good for whips and slacks. It gives you a ton of control! I love this string.

Type 3 string: This string starts off pretty stiff also, but after some play, it becomes soft, but still remains amazing. This string is extra whippy, it’s very fun to use. Sometimes though, it can be hard to control. It might be to fast for some people. This is a great string.

Slicks: This is another whippy string. It’s not as fast as type 3, but it’s faster than type 1. This string has a very interesting feel to it… It’s very “slick”. That’s why it’s called that. :slight_smile: It can perform slacks and whips very well. It’s another interesting string.

All in all, this new string company is very fascinating! Their string is high quality. They take their time to make their strings. My favorite type of string out of all of these is Type 1. I feel very secure with this string. It’s perfect.

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