Have you ever wanted all the slack, suicides, and untaglies without the burn?

Threadz strings is produced and operated by our very own ‘Adam’.
These strings are awesome for slacks and suicides, yet they down burn like no tomorrow.

I was recently contacted by Adam, asking if I wanted review his strings, to which I replied ‘of course!’.
A few days later, after school this mysterious pink envelope in my name was waiting for me. I didn’t know what to think of it, until it clicked; “The strings!”.
I ripped the envelope open, and inside were 3-4 beautiful strings, with a note.
I was impressed at how awesome these looked. There were two purp/pink 50/50’s cotton poly, a white 100% poly, and a sky blue 100% poly. I went for the purp/pink first, because it caught my eye the most.

The first thing I noticed is how much it didn’t burn. It was hot that day, and my hands were some-what sweaty. That is the recipe for super burns, but I didn’t feel a thing. The second thing I learned is how awesome the slacks and suicides were. I wasn’t able to stop throwing…

After a day or so, I tried the sky-blue 100% poly. This one was equally as awesome, but in different areas. I liked the whips, and the smoothness, though had some tangling problems. Not to fret, as it’s not as bad as other strings.

I highly enjoyed every second of playing with these strings.
I’ve been using the same 50/50 for about 2 weeks, and rocks the same as day 1.

Buy some. Nowish.

Adam’s prices are any blend, 10 for $4 shipped.
He ships the next day, and is a hard worker. ;]


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Nice review, I’m dieing to try some but… Nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

BLEHHHH!!! I have to make string for you, yomagic, and my friend who wants some!

Charge em’ ::slight_smile:

Well yomagic traded me a trainwreck for a new breed so I’m giving him some free string.