i was bored... so this happened

so guys i was bored last night and i went to cvs to get gum and i saw some poly thread, i always wanted to try to make string so i did… when i got home i rushed to charge the drill going crazy when the light was green and i made the string… they came out AMAZING but short… so i need to fix the length because it only went up to my waist but this string KEEPS ALL SLACK OPEN AMAZINGLY i never landed a suicide once… i landed 3 consecutive suicides with this besides being short the only other problem was when you get them fresh from the drill its like impossible to get it on the bearing because how tight i twist them but this easily gets fixed by adjusting your string tension to be looser then it is amazing
i would be willing to send these out for review for any great yoyoers…

Hey, if you need testers, I’ll try it. I’ve written a review on string before, so let me know. I’ve also used quite a few types of string, some even homemade. Here’s a review I did

Hit me if you need some testers

ok… ill send u 5 string all labeled on how i twisted them some loose, some tight… and a 2$ discount on them if i start to sell them

ok, sounds good. The ring on my finger is tough now, so it should be fine. What it can’t will just make it stronger when healed. I’ll shoot you a pm now

just shot u a pm

I love the 100% poly thread. I got a ginormous spool of thread (try 18000 yards of it) from my dad who works at a mattress manufacturer. Sure I only get white, wouldn’t mind more colors but I can’t complain there as I have a couple spools of this stuff free. I’m too lazy to drill though so I kind of hand twist mine…still work like a charm, loose slack too.