spin time

i see that people are able to get a long long long spin time from their yo-yos, from mine i am only getting about a minute to a minute an a half out of them tops why is this happening to me what can i do get get longer spin i use yoyo factory lube

the string twist method is how a lot of them get such long sleep times

If you use a lot of lube, it will prevent your yoyo from sleeping very long, so that might be contributing to the issue.

whats the string twist method? and how often should i lube then? i do it about once a month

Use this link:  http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=search2

Type “bearings” into the search box. You will find a lot of good useful information here!

Hope this helps  :slight_smile:

The string twist trick is used only for trying to set sleep time records. Otherwise it’s not useful. A minute to a minute and a half is a good spin time. Use lube sparingly.

I find that the harder you throw, the more it offsets and straightens out the crookedness caused by not holding the string where it needs to be when doing tricks. Don’t know if you know what I’m trying to say… but yeah.

There are very few tricks that last longer than a minute… You should be fine…