String spinning trick....

I think I read on another yoyo forum that you can get better spin times with the “string twisting” trick. Is there a such thing, and if there is, can you tell me how to do it?

I don’t know about any tricks to improve spin time, but it sounds like you may have just heard about string tension tricks. Examples of string tension tricks include flying saucer and side winder.

I think what they were referring to is the “trick” to getting super long spins to break Sleeper records.

It’s not a “trick”, it’s not like you can do this trick to make your yo-yo spin faster, but it is a technique used to prevent the string from hitting the sides of the yo-yo when you are doing a straight Sleeper.

Try this:
Make sure your string tension is neutral and throw a hard Sleeper.

Grab the string about 2 inches above the spinning yo-yo using your index finger and thumb, and lift the yo-yo close to your face so you can get a good look at what is going on.

Slide your thumb to give the string a few rotations in one direction (eg. clockwise), and then watch the yo-yo to see how it affect tilt.

As soon as the string is about to touch the side of the yo-yo, quickly slide your thumb in the opposite direction to twist the string the other way. The yo-yo should start to correct its tilt and lean the other way.

If you watch players who are going for Sleeper records, they sit and do this constantly to keep the yo-yo perpendicular to the string.

Yeah. To add on, twisting it clockwise tilts the yoyo to the left, while anti-clockwise tilts the yoyo to the right, for a normal front sleeper, so it is used to counter slanted throws, and the usual tilting of the yoyo while spinning. It’s not usually done in normal play, but if you are looking to time your sleeper, this is the method used to obtain the most accurate sleep time.