spend my $104 dollars

I have been racking my brain on what I want to buy, I figured you guys know best, so just recommend me throws with my $104, also Quality over Quantity (I learned that mistake already)

My current plan is a Werrd Hour, and a Delrin Severe by the way, if anyone was wondering.

In all honest, any $100 throw is gonna rock.
That being said, you can’t go wrong with a Code 2.

Can’t go wrong with a Werrd hour. total kick butt yoyo for the cost. I say dont trouble your brain with a bunch of other peoples opinions and just go with what you already have in mind. They both are fantastic throws.

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This is true. If you already have a throw in mind, just get it. They are all good.


thanks you guys, I just needed that final push!

I think you should get a model 10 if you get the chance. In my opinion, it far outperforms the Delrin severe and the Werrd hour. While the Delrin severe and hour are good players, you really feel like you’re holding a precision throw with the M10. It’s seriously worth your money. I’d also recommend the DS Wrath. It comes with a ton of extras, and it has a feel that I find no other throw has yet to recreate.

No, we don’t know best.

Point us in the right direction. Do you have size, shape and weight preferences? That helps a lot.

Do you play horizontal a lot? We start to recommend certain features. Do you do that gyro-top grind? In which case, you don’t want a spike in the middle as much. But perhaps you’re into matador play. Do you need an IRG? Do you have a preference for surface treatment for your grinding enjoyment?

There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but it’s only great to you if it meets your preferences, assuming you have any preferences.

Ya were going to need your preferences to really help you :stuck_out_tongue: