I've got $240, don't know what to do with it

I’ve got $240 and I’m not sure what to buy. Kinda bummed out that yye didn’t have a Christmas sale, but they did have some really awesome black Friday and cyber Monday stuff so I can’t blame them.

My favorite throw as of right now is the P. Wave and it’s my first 7075 throw. I just love that it spins forever yet can move very fast.

I heard that the Krown plays better than the P. Wave does so should I get one? I found one in the color way I want for $144 shipped brand new. Good deal or no?

I’m opened to other suggestions and I’m happy with spending less if I could. I’m also okay with BSTing so used throws and cosmetic damage is fine. The Mo-Vitation comes in second after the P. Wave for my favorite throw, followed closely by the Berserker RX.

It’s not really a good deal but if it’s what you want get it or you’ll regret it. The irony JP 2k13 (this would be my personal choice) is definitely worth consideration as well and the format c also. They’re amazing. Might consider the AL7 quake as well even though it’s undersized. Stuck with 7075 throws for the fun of things.

Other throws worth consideration for sure:
Leviathan 4
Draupnir (spins forever and is very fast as well)
7075 Genesis

Is there a difference between the OG irony JP and the 2k13 JP?

I’d definitely consider Turning Point or Oxygene. They’re my two favorite brands, and I’ve accumulated many throws from each if you have any specific questions :slight_smile:

the shape and weight distribution got changed slightly on the 2k13 to improve it for competition play. It also got a better finish

So the deal I had on the Krown is now gone. Which means it’ll be $160 shipped. I saw a Draupnir on the Bst and inquired about it. I was not able to buy it because someone else gave him a better offer while I was sleeping. There is another Draupnir however and I think I might be able to get it for $160.

But really as of right now the Irony JP 2k13 looks like the best bet.

Any more thoughts?

Trang Doey

The 2k13 Irony is a very unique and fun yoyo and at $120 you can still buy another yoyo later on down the road. I rarely see 2k13 editions on the bst which should speak for just how many people enjoy it once they have it.

I’ve literally been throwing my Krown for the past 15 mins or so (yes, in the disabled bathroom at work), and whilst it’s a lovely yoyo, there are better performing throws for the money.

I haven’t tried an Irony JP so I can’t comment.

The Draupnir is a far better choice IMO than the Krown, and at $160, a bargain. (I think mine was like $300 new or something ridiculous) I wouldn’t necessarily tell people that they should spend all that money to buy it new, but for the price there, assuming it’s in good nick, then that’s a great offer.

I don’t want to over-sell the Draupnir in case you spend all your money and it doesn’t click with you, but I personally think it’s something really special.

Gt the anglam cc, then some blueprint string may be, or the crem kk bearing

Thanks for all the help. I’ve let way too many good deals slip away and I think I’ve settled on a yoyo. I’ll be getting the new C3 throw, the Level. 6.

Trang Doey

What you COULD do is buy 1-2 Yomega Prodigies. The things are beasts, especially At 115. And you’ll have $10 left! :smiley: