Speeder, X-Convict or Frantic

No not you :stuck_out_tongue:

He was aiming it at Rai Tei. But still Ikelace, were you replying to something on this thread?

If he wants a new yoyo, he can get one. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are. But what you said is true. You need to work on the fundamentals before working up advanced stuff. But this doesn’t have much to do with buying a yoyo.

I was talking about R@ :wink:

What I was trying to say is that a “new” yoyoer (someone who has been yoying for less than 5 months or so) can often skyrocket through tricks, but they don’t always work on perfecting them. it is MUCH better for a beginner to start off, even for a few months, on a cheap yoyo, because it helps them refine their skill more than that of a metal yoyo could ever dream of.

The Yo-Yo doesn’t make the player, the player makes the Yo-Yo.

You mean," The Yo-Yo doesn’t make the player, the player makes the Yo-Yo."

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but thats what my post says ::slight_smile:

You edited it! ;D

i’ve been yoyo-ing for about a year i think :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the latest report, i went to try the Frantic, speeder and x-convict. All of them are very good especially Frantic, i love almost everything about it ;D but i think i will get the x-convict though, Frantic is a little pricey here in Singapore. Speeder is good too but looking at the posts above, it does not seem to be durable :’(

speeder is actually very durable. some new fancy hub makes it less prone to cracking. i’ve dropped mine a hella many times =P

if you’ve been yoyoing for a year now, by all means, go for the frantic.