a new yoyo for a friend

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

hey guys,

So, i have a friend ho is an intermediate level player, and he wants to know what yoyo is better.
X-conVict or Super SpinFaktor


response:dead unresponsive
response system:dual o-ring

he wants to learn thumb grinds arm grinds, really wants a long spinning yoyo. Some difficult string tricks


I’d say get him a rec-rev I for grinds. Out of those, the xconvict.


yep x-convict would be the best for grinds. I own one and I can do nearly all of JD’s grinds!! :slight_smile:


I’m with them. The X-Convict.


I’d say the Super spinfactor,
-It can grind

  • Uber-long spin times

And besides, they are discontinued; ANd the X-convict isn’t.


No question.



(MikeMonty) #8

For the tricks your buddy want’s to pick up I’d recommend he consider the xconvict, with a wider profile and more pronounced grooves in the rim it’ll be much easier for him to pick up those grinds. It’s been years since I messed with a spinfaktor, so I couldn’t give you any thoughts on that one. I do remember it worked great with faster paced tricks compared to my xcon though, just a thought :slight_smile:

(Johnny rocks!!!) #9

thank you everyone!!! Me and my friend have been clueless on witch one would be best for him.