Speeder opinions

Hi there guys im thinking of getting a speeder i want a good yoyo that will keep with me wondering what the pros and cons are mostly cons like paint melting rusting? stuff like that thanks for responding


Nice spin time, good and speedy, smooth, great for suicides.

The possibility of cracks, the metal becoming a dull color.

ima getting one today ;D

OK don’t get me wrong it is a good yoyo. but why don’t you save a few bucks and get an unstacked Plastic grind machine it is cheaper and imho it is better. Or if you have the money you can just get a stacked Plastic grind machine.

Jesusfreak out.

Ps plastic grind machine is also called pgm.

pss on this site it is called grind machine

I agree the plastic GMs are a lot better than a speeder

Have you even tried a Speeder?

My friend has both a speeder and a Plastic Grind Machine. He dislikes his Speeder, its super mega responsive for some reason and he doesnt like that about it. He absolutely LOVES his plastic grind machine though.

Clean the bearing.

Samad’s default post- Clean the bearing

there ok

I agree with Samad, unless you personally have it, don’t give your opinions. It is an amazing yoyo.


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I have a speeder and I like it but it is not my favorite. I mainly just use it for 5a now.

Speeders are also great for 3a if you don’t want to use them for 1a. Just an idea. :wink:

What makes a yoyo good for 3A?

a good yoyo for 3a would be a skinny, fast yoyo that will not break or will take a beating if hit the yoyos hit each other Hope that helps :wink:

Where’s a good place to see some tutorials?

The Speeder and Sigma Blade Zwei are great 3a yo-yos if you are interested.