Speeder 2 /w protostar or northstar/w protostar?


speed, variety, play, performance, and competition use should be taken into account please.


What sort of speed, play, performance and competition are you looking for?

I see a lot of Protostars and Northstars used for competition. I don’t see the Speeder being used at least not on the West Coast. Even so, I like the Speeder and it would be an excellent competition throw.

Speeder 2 is fast, designed for speed and really picks up the pace with a KK installed.

Protostar and Northstar are identical shapes, different weights. As a result, the Protostar being lighter seems to want to move faster. Worlds 2012 was won using a Northstar.

The Speeder plays smoother than the Protostar and Northstar in my experience, but any vibe isn’t a distraction to play in either of them. Any of them will take you a long ways.


i would go with the speeder 2 and the northstar/protostar that way you get more variety

now choosing between the northstar and protostar. Do you like heavier or lighter throws? if you want to play fast get the protostar. I find it easier to move around with less weight. If you want horizontal go with the northstar. I find the weight to help with balance for some reason.