Speeder 2 or SFX?

can you help me?

what would i buy? a SFX or a Speeder2?

i want bi metal good for string tricks and horizontal tricks?

Do you like big yoyos, or small yoyos? The SFX is full-sized, the speeder is sort of small.

If you want my advice I’d say get the SFX because it’s cheaper, it’s good at horizontals (like you requested), and it comes with a narrow bearing, and a speed bearing. I just think your getting more for your money if you get the SFX. But it’s up to you.

I have yet to play a Speeder2 but I have an SFX and hands down it is one of the most stable and smooth throws I own.

so the best bimetal aged yoyo at cheeper price is SFX?

what is the big difference of SFX to Speeder to in styles of yoyo?