Bi-Metal Recommendations

After trying to search for a yoyo that would fit my preferences, I still have not found anything. Had a supernova but disliked it.

Want something that can play fast and still be stable at the same time. Liked how the dark magic 1 plays so I have decided to buy a Bi-Metal… I am kind of interested in the Speeder 2

Here are the yoyos that the shop sells…

Hitman Pro, Chaser, Hitman ( hybrid ), X-ConVict, Dark magic 2, X-Con Pro, Atmosphere and Revolution.

Which one of those yoyos should i get ? Or should i get a magic yoyo N10

The Speeder 2 is nice. Fast and more stable than its previous model.
However I reccomend you look into the Destiny by god tricks. It seems to be the type of yoyo you’re looking for and its cheaper. The only thing is that it’s not a Bi-Metal. So if you really REALLY want a bi-metal, go with the Speeder 2.
As for the rest of the Bi-Metals, they all play different. If you want speed as the main factor, then the Speeder 2 is great. If you find another Bi-metal that fits your size/weight preferences then consider them. The speeder will be the “fastest” out of all the Bi-Metals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go fast on the other Bi-Metals.

Edit: I have no clue about the N10. Besides it looks like a tea set…

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I think you should go for an inspire
Or speeder 2

And for full metal a T5 is amazing!

I’ve got a Speeder 2 and it’s not too bad. Some days I feel it, other days I feel a bit meh about it. It does tend to get a bit noisy though so that’s something to consider.

I haven’t played an Inspire but I keep hearing great things about it so that might be worth considering.


if anything, since you said you liked the DM2

according to YYE
“you will LOVE the new breed!”
just a thought!

So many choices, but so many different shapes and personalities.

XCon Pro is a great competitor and trainer. It won’t take any guff off you with a bad throw, so it forces you to improve your game. It’s a fun throw I go to very often. I didn’t like it at first since it’s undersized, but it really is a go-to for me these days.

Hitman: Grinder’s dream for finger, arm and body grinds, but no IRG. Plastic and metal can come apart though so be warned. Just press fit back together. A bit wider than the XCon, different weight distribution and massive rims for grinding.

DM2: big, good weight, stable, smooth, but with the high wall, you’re forced to land cleaner, but that’s good, that’s what you want. Not the best grinder, but pop the caps and you get easier access to the IRG features. This is a great yoyo that takes you from zero to hero, competitive grade and still one of my main yoyos I go to. I do gotta admit that the Code2 is taking that spot over, but I’ve been at this a while and my tastes are changing. I have 2 DM2’s, and I have my eye on getting a few more for colors and one for cap removal.

Speeder 2 is amazing. I find it more amazing with a KK in it. Stable, smooth, feels a bit hollow, but plays solid. The brass rims can come off, so press them back into place. All catch zone.

The Chaser is cheap in price, heavy in weight, large in size and amazing in performance for a plastic yoyo. It doesn’t play heavy, you don’t feel those 73+grams at all. I did stick a KK, Centertrac, Crucial Grooved and other stuff in there, I found the flat stock YYJ Speed bearing was the ideal match for this yoyo.

There’s other amazing stuff out there. For around the same prices, some metals become a reality, such as the DiBase, dv888(not a recommendation for me), God Tricks and even the Shinwoo Zen’s.

Other options are available if you shop elsewhere.

So many different choices, so many different yoyo personalities.

I also agree with some of the recommendations that for what you’re spending, some full metals become a possibility. Consider some of your options. Even so, I like a lot of expensive metals, yet many YYJ metal/plastics are still on my wants list.


I would recommend the Inspire. I got one a little while ago and I love it. It’s a really nice looking yoyo. The diamond pattern is also a nice addition.