new breed or speeder 2

ok, i know these which is better threads annoy people but it had to be asked. i want to know in the future which is better. i do like throwing my friends dm2 and i would like a metal rimmed yoyo of my own around $50

It’s fantastic!

please explain how its better.thanks!

Niether is better. He just likes it more. Its preference. I personally like the speedier 2 more as well

Two very different playing yoyos.

Keep in mind a few things when choosing.

The speeder 2 is a very solid feeling yoyo. Slightly undersized, good for technical movements as its size allows for ease of string changes and complex manipulation. Good rim weight and decent grinding ability. Solid yoyo.

The new breed is very large and floaty. Its design is made for very big play and larger more open tricks. The yoyo feels very light and is great for working on flow techniques and large body tricks. Not as much rim weight focus, but still very well balanced.

Both yoyos have their strong points, both very different. Think about what sort of yoyoing you want to try out, and which yoyo seems to suit your preferences of play.

Hope that helps a bit in your choice. Either way, you are sure to be quite satisfied.

Good luck!


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I haven’t played the New Breed. I do have the Speeder 2. I really liked it. Then I put a KK in there. Wow, major change, in a good way.

The Speeder 2 is definitely a yoyo that likes to be pushed hard and fast. It’s not responsive, but it is very responsive to how you play. A word of note though is that I recently had to push the brass weight rings back onto this yoyo a second time. I’d say as part of daily maintenance, just check the rims before you start throwing.

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I’ve played both, I liked the New Breed better. But that’s just me.

Well, the Speeder 2 has a solid spin time and phenomenal play for it’s price
Its very fast and can get very technical with tricks
It’s great for all skill levels too!

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Never played a New Breed but from the reviews i read before it seems its more for whips and slack tricks with its huge gap and it is very easy to land to land on the string since the gap is so huge. Personally though i would choose the speeder 2 since i dont like yoyos with such a huge gap and full sized. Speeder 2 is also very responsive to movements and is more for faster play IMO.

Have you ever seen Eric Koloski throw? The New Breed is perfectly suited to his play, with lots of slack where the yoyo just seems to hang in the air while crazy whips and hops just happen underneath it.
I personally prefer the New Breed.