SpeedCubing and Yoyoing

I just have a feeling that people who like speedcubing also like yoyoing.

Please share. ;D

I yoyo and NO ONE can put ice cubes in a glass faster than I.



I enjoy speedcubing for sure, not sure how much of a crossover there really is tbh, never paid much attention. But in the skill toy community there is always a ton of crossover

Like I expected about 1/2 can/like doing both!

I cube and yoyo​:joy::joy: was into curbing last year then found my old Duncan imperial then it evolved from there

I really like to do both. Playing yo-yo was my main thing until someone took a rubik’s cube to school one time and I started speedcubing from there. Sometimes I need a break from yo-yo and I just practice speedcube more. Either way I love doing both.

I love watching speedcubers, and messing around with cubes, but my hands are smaller than my little sisters, who is in 5th grade, so i dont think it would be something that i could get good at.