I made a Rubik's Cube YoYo

I thought the members of this forum might like to see the Rubik’s Cube YoYo I created. My passion in life is Rubik’s Cubes and related puzzles and projects. I like to push the hobby into new and weird directions and this month that direction is YoYos. Typically my creations involve modifying existing items and this project is no different. My Rubik’s Cube YoYo is simply a black MagicYoYo V3 with two plastic boxes pushed over each side (end?).
As a non YoYoer I struggled to do much with it apart from a few basic moves and much of the video goes into sillier stuff. Even with my poor attempts to get it spinning it often hurt my hand when catching it. I can only imagine the damage it would do to the experts here.

Rubik’s Cube YoYo Video



I hope it’s Ok to add a couple more photos like this. As a new member I can’t put them all in one post.


Last photo.


Finally, a cubic yoyo! My hand hurts just thinking about binding it but I love it


As a cuber, I think this is really cool, combining two of my favorite things together.


Just always do regens on the cube instead of catching it.


Funnily enough we do have some square yoyos going around, most recent one that comes to mind is the Offset Yoyo Tofu, though I know Alex Hattori did something with a square yoyo a while ago I just can’t remember the name of it.

Loved the video!

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Boost Squared

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Thanks. I did some research before making it and found the square yoyo. That made me think my idea should work.