Why don't we have a crazybadcuber?

Many of us throwers are also cubers who like to solve rubiks cubes. In the cubing world, there is a guy named crazybadcuber. He stays up to date on all of the upcoming cubes and does unboxings and reviews of all of the new cubes. My question is why is there not someone who reviews all of the new and upcoming yoyos and has his/her favorites? I feel that we need someone wo reviews all of the yoyos so that the people of all different levels can get insight and advice from someone who has played a lot of yoyos. I know lots of you have huge collections but I/m surprised nobody has taken the initiative to do so. :slight_smile:

People do that just not on yye. Some people post their reviews and link them to their sites which have in depth reviews. They aren’t videos but yeah lol

Ps. I’m subscribed to crazybadcuber

I think there is a big difference in price. Cubes are $20-30 dollars, yoyos are $40-$120. And,there are reviews of most yoyos already on the Internet. I don’t know how many cube reviews there are and if that is necessary, but in the yoyo world I can get an accurate idea of how a yoyo plays from the stats, reviews and the occasional thread asking for help.

Well Sniffy did a lot of this while he was still with us (Rip). Highspeedyoyo does a good job and has some great reviews. We have the review section, search function, and a community to do this I guess.

I think price it the big difference

I like the idea of highspeed yoyo but they don’t have the selection needed. and the problem with the comunity is that we don’t know there skill level and expectations. Everyone has different belifs in a smooth yoyo and having one person would create a baseline.

I know totalartist is big on cubes…

Sniffy Yo used to do this…

Crazybadcuber writes biased reviews because he gets free cubes from cube stores. He makes money when you buy cubes from them…

lol bro I’m more obsessed than anybody in this forum

Well…not so much anymore. I got up to 4x4 and got into yo-yos more, so I haven’t progressed from there. I was collecting them for awhile, but things got dull. I’ve been downsizing that collection lately.

When I used to watch cube reviews, I enjoyed Pestvic, Convinsa or Camcuber reviews. But, I don’t favor reviews by “reviewers” that much. I will read a review by some average Joe who bought a yo-yo, likes it…or not, and wants to review it. To a lot of people that makes no sense, because they presume that a steady reviewer probably does a better job, and might play more yo-yos for comparison. So, I’ll have to explain my thoughts more.

What happens with a lot of steady reviewers, is that they ultimately get a core audience, whether big or small. When manufacturers notice that a reviewer has a core audience, they begin to feed them a prototype here or there, let them borrow things to try out, or give freebies hoping that it will help generate a buzz for the product. Everyone likes free stuff. How many people are going to get something for free, and write a critical review? If they bash the product…probably no more free stuff. I saw it happening a bit with cube reviews, and watching the reviews began to get…awkward. I just find that when reviewers get special favors, they are less critical of certain brands. I am always curious when I read a review on a cube, a yo-yo, a new album release, electronic gadget…how the reviewer acquired the product. It is not always relevant, but I believe sometimes that it might be. That makes me shy away from them now as a whole.

I will read a review from the average Joe, if it is well written, thorough, and the person has experience on the subject. I don’t like to see one sided reviews. While there are those rare occasions where there is nothing good to say…or nothing bad to say, I believe that most products have features someone might enjoy, or not. A good reviewer points out those features and lets the reader/viewer decide.

In the cubing world, I am Jon Snow.

What is there to review about cubes?

:smiley: Well, they review whether they have stickers or not, the quality of the stickers, and how nice the colors look in relation to the others. For example, you don’t want red and orange looking too similar, because it might cause confusion while speed solving. They review how smooth the cube is, if it plays fast, how well it cuts corners, or reverse cuts corners during solving. They review what the core looks like, the internals of the cube, in terms of the mechanism. They do size comparisons with popular cubes, talk about the shape, the cost, and so on. They even discuss if they think the cube should be lubed for better performance, plastic color options…I could go on for days.

Not much different than yo-yo reviews, discussing how fast it is, the feel, how smooth it is, the cost, the shape, how it performs overall and so on.

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Thanks, I’ll be less dumb when going to bed tonight. Today was a good day.

when crazybadcuber gets free stuff he still gives a real review and bashes it if it sucks lol

I have about 50 or so unboxing videos filmed over the last year. I haven’t uploaded them for sake of criticism since Sniffy’s were so good (RIP.)

Would anyone be interested in me uploading them?

Oh yeah!
I truly LOVE watching unboxing videos!!

Well, sorry TA, but people who talk about stickers in reviews really tick me off lol. Stock stickers are always crappy, it’s just given. Either learn to love the shades, use them because you’re too lazy to replace them (me), or replace them right away. Anyway, cube reviews can talk about usually a few things. The speed, the corner cutting, and the feel of the cube. Cubes can have very crunchy, clicky, or smooth turning. It’s a lot like preference in the shape of yoyos. Then you can pretty much review the mechanism, if it pops, Yada Yada Yada.

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I know what you mean. It’s more useful in relation to colors, when they are reviewing a cube with no stickers, and it has tiles or colored cubies.

This thread just made me realize how similar the review style is with yo-yos and cubes. I’m going to watch some kendama reviews (if they exist) and see what they’re like. :smiley:

Yep. I just hate it when people ramble for 10 minutes about the stock stickers every cube comes with XD and the people who are obsessive over corner cutting. That gets annoying also…

yeah if you are going to review stickers, u review like after market stickers like cubesmith lol not the ones on the cube, that’s irrelevant for the review, like reviewing the response on a yoyo haha.

And I agree! corner cutting is nice, but there are really enjoyable cubes that don’t corner cut that much.

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