how to become better at the yoyo with out touching one

I was thinking about it and i realized there are three things that i do in my everyday life that probably make me a better yoyoer. I will make a list so you to can follow suit and can become much better
Step 1
Become really good at guitar hero and play at expert level
this will make your left (or richt if your a leftie) hand much more agile
Step 2
Learn to solve the rubiks cube in under 1:30. this will teach you to use both hands simutanuously and think about thestep of the move you have to do ahead of time
Step 3
Load your ipod or zune or anything with professional yoers videos, and watch them every night before you go to bed. this is kinda like the suzuki method of the yoyo.
steps on how to get those vids
1 go to
2 select up to 5 vids a day from youtube
3 Download them to your media players type (mp4 for ipods,zunes)
4 open up itunes or zune and load em
Happy throwing i hope this will help people ;D

I can do GH world tour on expert behind my back ;D. I want to try your 3 way, sounds fun :wink:

I’d rather yoyo. In my opinion, its much more fun, which is why I do it.

guitar hero is easy on expert

Step 1? I notice that guitar hero here is popular/known but it is expensive, so rich kids/teenagers can play.
hahahaha, poor just play in amusement/arcade.

Step 2? I don’t really need to do it. ! :slight_smile:

My “Fastest” → 26 sec.

Step 3? Ipod’s are popular but zune?, it is produced by Microsoft right?.try ask a person here, ask “do you know what is “zune”” - i’m pretty sure that they would reply “what is zune?” ;D

Zune is the product-line brand name for the Zune portable media players, Zune software, and Zune Marketplace services sold by Microsoft, which provide online music, video, and podcast downloads.[6] Zune’s primary competitors are the Apple iTunes/iPod product line and the SanDisk Sansa line. Zune players come in two variants, one hard-drive based and the other flash-memory based. Both play music, videos, and podcasts, display images, and receive (but not record) FM radio with RDS. They can share files wirelessly with other Zunes and via USB with Xbox 360s and Windows PCs. Any Zune can also be synced wirelessly with a Windows PC. The Zune is currently not compatible with Mac OS X or Linux.

Zune software, which runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 allows users to manage files on the player, rip audio CDs, manage music, and buy songs, music videos, and TV shows at the Zune Marketplace online store using Microsoft Points or a Zune Pass, which allows the subscriber to download unlimited songs temporarily and permanently keep ten favorite songs each month.[7]

Wikipedia ALWAYS helps you know :wink:

Lol these won’t really work. The rubik’s thing, my fastest time was 18 seconds, and it seriously doesn’t help. Its not about how agile your hands are, or how fast you think, but how much you practice. I bet that Mickey probably can’t solve a cube as fast as me, but he’s still better at yoyoing than me.

Lots of ppl who play GH probably can’t play yoyo.

Watching doesn’t really help lol, it can inspire you, but it won’t help you be better. Practice is better than erm… watching?

Yep. Not trying to be a [Not sure what word to use], but they don’t do much sorry :frowning: Its all about practice. If you wanna get good at yoyoing, just practice.

Addment: Rubik’s cubes don’t help you think or increase your IQ. They just make you memorise algorithms. I think i’ve memorised like 30-50.

I used to play GH lol I used to play ALOT of Finger Active games, now I’m just sticking to yoyoing
and rsmod’s right it wont help you improve at yoyoing, practicing will

For example, Yesterday I wanted to get down ripcord, I couldn’t, but when I practiced alot, today I’m improving at it, theres no giving up, if you wana improve you gotta practice.

i own a zune its quite nice, I usually listen to it while i yoyo :), i agree with step 3 i sometimes find myself doing tricks from videos i’ve watched or something similar, gives you ideas that’s for sure

that works too I guess lol, I might try listenin to my Iphone while playing

why would you want to be a better yo-yoer… without touching one? for me touching one is kind of the whole point. what you’re talking about seems like a recipe for burnout - a way to be really serious about looking good technically, but without dealing with any aspect of playing yo-yo “inside”. yo-yoing should be about getting better at being a person; not just doing tricks.

my take on this:

  1. play yo-yo. a lot, but not compulsively. whenever you feel like it.
  2. watch videos, but also look at paintings. listen to interesting music and truck and bird noises. meet people who yo-yo; in the real world. be sincere about yourself and get inspired - not just inspired to yo-yo… inspired.
  3. develop a mind that’s more agile than your fingers.
  4. don’t worry about, or even think about getting “good”. explore the paths and directions you want to explore, and recognize that, forum-famous or not, sponsored or not, world champ or not, that’s really all there is.

Hands on experience is always the way to go.

well gosh shoot me down in flames… :wink:

But its a very good thread nonetheless :smiley:

I’ve noticed there seem to be a lot of us that can do the Rubik’s cube here. It’s come up several times and each time there are several who chime in and give their best times. Mine is 53 sec, but I do it the long way. I’ve never gotten around to learning the fast way.

But I find it interesting that the same people who are drawn to the yo-yo world are also it seems drawn to Rubik’s.

I can also do some pretty slick card tricks. I’ll bet I’m not alone there either am I?

Do throwing cards count?

I cant do many card tricks but Im a beast at hold’em. And at my school there is a rubiks craze… Every other person has one (Especialy the scene/emo kids for some reason). I just wish yoyos would pick up like that

Lol,they did at my school,then my principal banned them… :cry: