Merging of Communities

I’ve observed a pretty awesome phenomenon this year.
I’m talking about the merging of different skilltoy communities.
From what I’ve seen, kendama is a pretty big hit there, what with yoyo players picking up kendamas and kendama players picking up yoyo’s.
Although Kendamas haven’t reached here yet (Philippines), a similar thing is happening with cardistry.
A LOT of cardists are starting to pick up yoyo’s and vice versa, its really great seeing new faces in clubmeets and such, its also awesome to learn new skill toys, I myself have been hooked by cardistry…

I remember way back when speed cubers and penspinners started to yoyo and vice versa, some yoyoers were hating on cube and pens saying they are just a fad, same with kendama’s today, but to me, it really brings a warm and fuzzy feeling all around.

What do you guys think? Thanks for reading :3

The more the merrier.

Once people realize that all skill toys can get along together, the better.

My meet-up group is SKILL-TOY based. While it has an emphasis on yoyo, it’s welcome to all and I have quite a few kendama only people, as well as plenty of yoyo/kendama cross-over people. The objective is to come out, share, enjoy and experience different skill toys and other skill activities, which can also include stuff like Cube, cardism, magic/sleight of hand illusion, juggling of all kinds and more. I also feel people need to go out, meet with like-minded individuals and work on their activity of choice.

im a fan of sooo many skill toys now myself…i started off juggling and then went to yoyoing and it just branched out from there, now i club juggle, kendama, i tried astrojax(not a fan), diabolo, among others…thinking about trying something called jitterrings too haha

I actually started as a cuber, and now I yoyo. Although cubing didn’t bring me into the yoyoing community.

There’s a video of me and my brother back in 2009. Used to love cardistry (or card flourishing as it used to be known) but I just kind of moved on and now I’ve taken up yoyoing :slight_smile:

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Hey, just yesterday, 2YO had a meeting at SF. Funny thing was a Kendama and Brony meetin was taking place at the SAME place and SAME time. We kinda all merged and was one of the funnest meets I have ever attended. Heck one of the funnest events!

Vegas needs you.

same thing just happened last Saturday, a group of cardists were meeting up in the food court, while two tables away a meet-up of yoyoers was happening. And everybody was like,"…hey, I know that guy!" it was awesome, cards and yoyos were thrown around like crazy XDDD