Speedaholic shape.

SO I am addicted to my C3 speedaholic and want to buy a metal with that shape. I was looking at the rec rev turning Apparatus but I want to know what else has a similar shape. Thanks.

The Yoyojam Eneme has a similar shape :stuck_out_tongue:

any ideas?

Closest things spec wise I could find is the topyo double zero and the yoyoofficer crayon but the shape isn’t that close

I think some turning points looked close though shape wise and the yyr z-on

Duncan Barracuda(?), Duncan Exit-8 (if you can find one), H-Spin Pyro (if you can find one), CLYW Chief(?), One Drop Cascade, Adegle Vemosa, Chico Roller, SPYY Orbitron 5000, SPYY Spyder II, Turning Point Leviatans, Turning Point RT, Other Turning point yoyos (? they all have that curved H shape), and whatever else you can find or others suggest

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Duncan strix :slight_smile: