What's your favorite radical shape?

ZS, Mini’s, Radical H, Hourglass, etc?
I fell in love with my Stampede the moment I picked it up. Nice super-wide hourglass!
What radical shapes do you guys like? ;D


I have an OG Hspin Envy which was one of the first yoyos to feature an H shape. It’s pretty hardcore.

Lately due to the influence of Kevin Nichoas I have been playing with Hybrid ideas for yoyos.

So I took my Code1 and Code2 and mixed them together to make a “Code 1.5” which due to the Side Effects, makes it play balanced as much as possible. Its crazy!


Either the evil yo type “U” shape or hourglass shape.

I like classic, rounded shapes, as well as sharper, winged shaped throws. Occasionally I enjoy throwing an hourglass shaped throws though.

I like the adegle asteroid’s shape.

I don’t think I have any really “radical shaped” yoyos.

I guess, maybe a couple of my Magic yoyos, my Aoda Miracle, PSG and Asteroid, but none of those are really “out there”.

The Chief and Arctic Circle are kinda out there with the work in the rims on the outside, but in general, the shape isn’t anything crazy. When I order a Glacier Express, that would probably be the most “radical” design I end up with for quite some time.

Some of the designs coming out are really doing some interesting things to push weight where they want it. Without the need to really respect the traditional un-disturbed lines, I think we’re not done seeing more of these cut-in yoyos.

i really love the avant garde’s shape, especially the AG2 cause of the outer rim is almost like a chief

The avant garde 2 it’s in my top 3

That sounds crazy, did you switch side effects to balance the weight of the two halves?

I like the psg hourglass, as well as the nvx / code 1 h wing shape. Great throws, to say the.least.

I like the irony.

I think the hourglass shape would probably be my favorite.

There’s a couple I’ve wanted to try out, though. I think the Glacier Express and the Avant Garde’s shape is pretty cool. I’ve also wanted to try out an H-spin Envy.

the shape of the metropolis.

Ahh, I forgot to mention this one.

I like to do this to my Avalanche and my Chief, super super fun.

Supernova is as radical as it gets for me, although the Glacier Express/AG2 looks like it would be a fun yet stable throw.

Can we see pics of it?


I want to see which side effects you used to balance it, since I want to try this as well.