c3 speedaholic's shape

Hey guys! I want to buy a metal yoyo that has the similer shape to the c3 speedaholic’s. Any advices? Thank you!

Yoyofficer Urban is pretty close dimension-wise, and is a fairly similar shape. Pretty darn affordable as well. YYO Musket isn’t too far off either.

If you are looking for something higher end, the CLYW Orca or Bonfire are pretty close dimension-wise, but the bonfire is more of a V shape, and the orca more of an H shape, though both are still somewhat organic.

YYF Cypher is slightly larger diameter and slightly more narrow, but has the shape pretty much spot on.

G2 Marvel or Triton would be pretty good, but you’d have to find the marvel on the BST.

Duncan Barracuda 2016 or Grasshopper aren’t too big of a stretch.

Rebellion Acro is pretty darn close.

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seconding the Urban. My favorite throw right now. It’s just really fun.

urban is the best yoyofficer to date

I agree with Fullthrottle, the Acro from Rebellion is what I thought of. Similar shape, similar specs.