Speedaholic xx or plastic freehand one?

I’m looking to buy a new plastic yo-yo but I’m tied between the C3 Speedaholic xx or the Duncan plastic freehand one. Please help me decide !!!

  • Speedaholic xx
  • plastic Freehand one

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In terms of performance, the XX pulls ahead easily. Basically plays like a monometal, very good throw. The freehand one has a much more classic narrow organic shape, but it still super fun and can be set up either responsive or unresponsive. Really depends on what you’re looking for.


I love the Speedaholc XX! In fact we have 5 of them in different colors. Really helped in learning a lot of tricks early on and now using one for learning 5A. Great throw!


I finally decided on a Speedaholic xx !!! It’s about time a actually ordered one :laughing: thanks to everyone who helped me decide on this yoyo and I’m so excited to try it out !!! I’m sure I’ll pick up a freehand one in the future :wink: