would anyone suggest the spintastics blade/magic yoyo T8?

Ok so I got my first unresponsive yoyo in for Christmas which was the c3 speedaholic and I just don’t like it. The feel and weight distribution feels off for me. the weight feels distributed toward the center instead of the rims. And doesn’t feel very stable for learning tricks on.

I started learning on the Duncan Pro with the spacers in it which felt natural to me so I would like to keep that shape. After searching around I have found a budget metal that might meet my needs, the spintastics blade/magic yoyo T8.

It is heavier the the speedaholic with added rim weight and has the H shape I am looking for.

Does anyone have any experience with this yoyo? Would it make for a decent throw? Any advice is appreciated

the T8 actually is very narrow its an awful shape actually do not get it especially for a beginner like yourself. if i were you a onestar would probably be a better option if you want an unresponsive yoyo.

Honestly that would be one of the last yoyos recommend to you. If I were you I would go out and get either a YYF protostar or northstar depending on which color and weight you like

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Actually I am about to get a Northstar through someone on this forum!

But I think I am still going to get the Spintastics Blade as well. It might not be the best, but I am actually going to be meeting/buying it directly from Dale Oliver in a week and a half and plan to have him sign it.

I for one absolutely love the Magic T8. It is one of my longest spinning throws, so I still use it for learning some tricks. Also, the low cost makes me not worry about taking it out and about.

It is very narrow though and might not be the best to learn on.