Speed Repeater! An Atom Yoyo Tutorial!

Hey guys! Here is a trick that was seen in my recent Speed Combo.

This is a flashy and simple speedy repeater!

Watch it here-


Please give subscribe, future tutorials coming. And let me know how to improve my tutorials…

Thanks guys!

Really good! I can only imagine how fast it would look if you used a shorter string. :wink:

I’ve been thinking of trying out something with a bit more speed to it. This could be a candidate.

One thing: if your camera has a 60fps option (720p/60 for example… the second number is the fps) it’ll make the slow-motion parts look a lot better. Blurred slow-motion is tough to follow.


I love this trick and I love this song!

I really wish this was an ACTUAL tutorial because I would love to learn this trick

Oh well…

Its 1080P not sure about the FPS. The slo mo was done in a editor.

Im asking for comments on what I need to add. A O well isn’t going to help me make it a YAY I CAN LEARN IT!!! ;D

My camera (Canon T3i) does 1080p, so one would think, “Great! Full HD!” but it’s only 30fps. It also does 720p in your choice of 30fps or 60fps. I always keep it set to 720p/60. I can sacrifice a bit of resolution for buttery-smooth slow-mo. To do it well, your shutter speed should also be a multiple of the frame rate or at least faster than the frame rate. I keep mine at 1/120 and the slo-mo works out great.

I also need to make sure my video editor is explicitly set to allow 60fps editing. Yours may or may not auto-detect.


Can you make the tutorial kinda like Andre style? Where you go through each step of the trick and explain oh to do it? And what to do? It seems like nobody makes tutorials like This anymore.

I wish Andre had more tutorials!

A lot of us younger kids have younger brains if you understand :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey gregP.

Im using 1080p HD.

Its a ipod touch 5Mp

Hahaha! Hoping for a 25 MP Nikon D3300


I think he’s saying he’s too young to speak and explain how the trick is done like andres tutorials.

Which isnt true. Bc’s like what? 12? 13? I’m 14 and I elaborate on my tutorials like andres tutorials.

You could always just split them into parts and add a paragraph to explain each part like rethinkyoyo. I personally dont like tutorials like that as much as something like andres where he speaks as hes doing it but yea.

What you did was just slow it down, I can already do that by myself with any other youtube video on the web

no offence but it is that trick with just one other eleemnt which doeasnt make  your trick look faster, and that fpses were horrbile hard to watch tbh

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Hey, everybody, it’s his first tutorial (I think) and I think he’s probably looking for good feedback and constructive criticism. Not trying to be bossy or anything, but if you’re not going to be nice, just don’t say anything, okay? It’s a cool trick, and I look forward to seeing more.

Excuses me? Im sure there is more than one tutorial of the bind across the internet. And ladder escape, and boingy boing.

Thank you…

They dont change the name of the trick or add one extra element and call it their own trick though ::slight_smile:

What extra element, and when did I call it my own? I like speed repeater because I can remember the name easier.

It maybe your first tutorial but proper crediting is always needed.

In the magic community when there is a deliberate rehash of someone else’s effect(trick) with only a slight minuscule variation, it is looked down upon. Especially if good crediting is not given.

I don’t see how it’s mean to let Bcmaddog know about this. The advice about his camera settings is legit as well. Also speaking isn’t too difficult. Instead of making the excuse that he is too young to speak, he should take the advice and use it to make his next video better.

It’s not that criticism hasn’t been constructive or that he hasn’t been given advice. He just hasn’t been really receptive.

(These are just my observations from watching the video and reading this thread.)

Double post.