French Fiasco A yoyo tutorial by William Murphy

Here is a tutorial i made last minute in about 15 minutes, what do you guys think? Any tips about future tutorials?


It was a bit confusing. I’d suggest not changing clips so often.

I like the trick and the tutorial. I thought the tutorial was pretty clear and I like the slow-mo for some parts. As for future tips I don’t know what editing program you have but if you could I suggest you take out buzzing noise and the background noise. Its not so bad but when you slow it down everything become more noticeable. Alright off to learn this ~

That was really confusing.

gonna re do it any mre tips?

Yeah I am going to learn this trick once you redo it, please do so. And I thought the slow mo was just placed in parts that should be placed in different places. Like actually wait until a step of the trick is done before you slow mo, as opposed to the middle of the step. Other than that though, great work!

Learned it, but yeah it needs a little work. Also, when you are doing the over-head cam try to be in the shot lol. I could not see what you were doing clearly and took me a little while to figure out, but I did it lol ;D

The tut was a little bit confusing. I understand it, but it took me a while. Great trick!