Creativity- A yoyo tutorial

My first tutorial.  Constructive criticism is welcomed. 

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I have no criticism. That’s a great trick! Nice tutorial!

Thanks man!

I dig it. It’s also nice to watch a video with audible explanations.

In terms of filmmaking-- I would consider looking into editing. You don’t have to be overly “precious” about it, but the whole thing could be tightened up with a few minor edits. Low-hanging fruit for the edit process is to cut all of the “whoops, missed a string!” and also to skip past the parts where you get back to “where you were”. You can always get into a formation, then do a simple fade.

When you get into edits, you MAY find that you do a voiceover at the end instead of narrating in realtime. That’ll be a personal decision to make at the time. :slight_smile: