Perplexity Tutorial

Just wanted to share a trick with everyone that I performed in a previous video I made called “The Dream”. Hope someone likes this trick enough to learn it. It’s a bit on the difficult side but don’t lose heart if you don’t get it at first :slight_smile:


Jon ^^ so glad u got ur tut up

i haven’t learned someone else’s trick in probably a year. I’m gonna learn this. It looks awesome. o.o

Amazing trick. The tutorial was a little hard to follow though, you might want to try slowing the pace down a bit.

Yeah, I agree. Not saying you necessarily have to add captions and stuff, but if the cuts were a little longer it would help a lot. Its all about editing with tutorials.

Yeah I definitely get what you guys are saying. I am so used to just editing a regular clip video haha. I’ll take ur advice to heart and use it whenever I make a tutorial again!