Show the Way - Slow-Motion (120 FPS) Yo-Yo Trick Clip Video - 8 minutes long

Hi everyone, I made a slow-motion (120 fps) trick clip video in front of some graffiti if anyone wants to check it out. Was a lot of fun filming and editing this with some nice backgrounds.

I used to download new videos by SpinDoctors, Chicago Crew, Massachusetts Crew, Texas Crew, Team Duncan, Northeast Crew, Toronto Crew and check out the newest tricks by Chasm (Spencer Berry), SpikeyHairedFreak (Paul Escolar), André Boulay, Gary Longoria, Citadel, Miguel Correa, Tommy Gun (Kyle), Steve Brown, Sage, Doctor Popular, Cappy (David Capurro), Johnnie DelValle, Hank Freeman, YoYoFrank, Devon Jackson, Vincent Yip, Jason Lee, etc. etc. and just listen to good music and watch new tricks of theirs. Maybe I’m not contributing new tricks here but I thought I would try to contribute with at least one of the above heheh. There are also a lot of really good throwers that I saw and met recently that’d likely put this piece to shame!

I made this a few months ago and thought why not I guess I will share it if anyone wants to see it. If nothing else here is some graffiti from west Toronto (for photos of all 25 murals, skip to 7:00 – 7:20 in the video). Thanks for watching


Nice post – I found a lot of elements you were using are well within my capabilities, but I never considered trying them. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Wow thanks for the nice comment ferrocile (Brian)! Your Kento Muraoka GT tutorial is awesome, far more complex than what is in my video heheh. I should try to learn it sometime. Your post made it worthwhile to share this video :call_me_hand:

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You’re making me blush haha. Anyway, yeah, I tried to really break it down. I might have gone a little crazy with it, but it’s how I approach tricks in general. I break them down in the bite-sized elements. I might have to try more tutorials in the future. I really enjoyed making that one

Nice, the multiple angles really helps for sure. Tutorials also really help me learn tricks too, instead of pausing and re-watching a trick over and over and guessing which string to hit heheh

Slow motion is great for learning tricks too. Glad a lot of newer smartphones are offering this, I think the latest ones will even do 240fps?

Yeah for sure 240 fps would improve the slow-motion a lot, would be great for learning new tricks. This is especially true for this video because I am pretty close to the camera where sometimes the yo-yo travels across the entire screen, needing more frames to make it smoother. This was filmed with an IPhone 6S, colors saturated a bit in the video editing software Videopad (actually on sale now until the end of Sept. for $50, regularly $100).

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