Fresh Broiled

What’s up guys? Filmed and edited these tricks I’ve been working on yesterday, it uploaded while I was asleep, it’s one of my best so far (as far as trick difficulty goes I suppose) hope you enjoy it (in a nice, air conditioned building) :slight_smile:


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Did yu slow it down a little bit? Because a couple times I thought “How can the yoyo be falling that slow?” lol. Even if you didnt I still liked it since you can see how you are doing the tricks, compared to like Hiroyuki Suzuki, who is like blindingly fast.

Thanks Big Yoyo, I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile: I did slow all the footage to 50% of real time speed.

I would love to see it at full speed. STILL, amazing tricks there though. I like what you came up with after you learned the inverted eli hop and that catch suicide kind of trick. Great stuff, definitly want to see more…but in full speed, hehe.