Check out my video

Hey guys,
Made a video a while back, and wanted to share it. Let me know what you think.


You have a nice good style imo, i liked the tricks.
You were a tad bit slow, and some tricks looked a little choppy or paused.

Keep it up! Just smooth them out and speed up a tad not too much though, i enjoyed watching. :slight_smile:

That was not choppy or paused he just stopped tomshow what or whete hes at in the trick and that was an amazing video i have no critisizm on this

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Thanks for the feed back. Some of it was choppy actually. Sort of half and half lol.

Bumpy road ahead

What I like about this vid is it really looks like your having a lot of fun :slight_smile:
Keep yoyoing! It’ll make you live longer (probably?)

im knew to yoyoing so i dont know much but maybe if you put in a few tricks that go around your arm to just change it up a bit. Other than that you have a pretty sick flow just needs to be alittle bit faster