Speed Maker vs Legacy???

I have a Speed Maker that I enjoy, but I just ordered a Legacy (as my 2nd Yo-Yo). Besides being less responsive and more weighted, what are some other differences?

Gap width, width, height, weight, design, colors, etc.

There are many endless differences between these yoyos you are comparing.

You made the perfect choice

Agreed! The legacy is one fine plastic!

Yes it is. My favorite plastic!

Also, the Legacy is Internally weighted, meaning there is weight rings under the caps, which causes longer spin times.

Another good reason to buy one! lol

Thanks! I was mainly looking for another good plastic, I don’t think I’m good enough to fork out some real money for a metal yet, that can get scratched or bent, so until I get the tricks down, I’m sticking with plastic.

I like the idea of weights inside the caps too.