great for uyour first unresponsive yoyo cheap too

if you are ready for a really unresponsive yoyo get the yyj speed maker and some red shims oh my gosh i think its close to as good as the dark agic not even kidding. sleeps longer and is cheaper get the speedmaker

The Legacy feels like a brick whereas the Speed Maker is lighter. It all comes down to preference once again.

i know this post is old but if the caps are removed is it good for IRG’S?

Holy necro batman. I would say that no plastic is good for IRGs but it all depends on how good you are I suppose. You could have made your own thread.

The legacy with caps off is not very good for irgs


Plastics aren’t hard to IRG with if you know what to do. Heck, Andre does IRGs with his Legacy with the caps on.

Half and half is good at any grinds O.O