should i get a speedmaker

i want a cheap unresponsive yoyo that sleeps for pretty long what should i get im thinking a speedmaker thanks

I don’t have any experience with the Speedmaker, but I’ve got a Lyn Fury, which is cheap (same price as Speedmaker) and is becoming more unresponsive as I play with it (or you can shave the o-rings and make it unresponsive quicker, or remove them and do a recessed sili job). With the Speedmaker, you’re supposed to be able to untwist it a little bit and make it unresponsive also.

Or if you want to try YYF, the Pocket Change and Die Nasty have CenterTrac bearings, making them unresponsive. Or the YYF Velocity has three positions for responsiveness, so you can go between responsive and unresponsive.

Hope that didn’t confuse you too much.

I’ve heard the legacy is pretty good. It’s 20 something dollars.

That has nothing to do with the topic

I am pretty sure that he asked what should I get. The legacy is a cheap, unresponsive yoyo that has good sleep times. That was what he was looking for. Is it not? I was just letting him know that the legacy is another option. I am sorry if I misunderstood his question.

No, this is good. You did nothing wrong.
I stuck some RTV sili, after wearing out the pads, and the legacy plays amazing. BY FAR my favorite plastic, after the protostar.

The only thing I have against the Speedmaker is the hybrid response.