Speed Dial

So a while back I asked for suggestions about a beginners bearing yo-yo’s.I went with the Yo-Yo Factory’s Speed Dial.I’m working on getting it dialed in just right and have a couple questions for you guys,or girls,that are more familiar with these bearing set-ups.I assume,but dont know for sure,that both starbursts have to be adjusted evenly to keep the string centered between the two halves.Is it okay to adjust one side only,or is it important to turn each starburst equally?For instance,I have it close but want it a bit tighter,if I turn one side just one click,it still spins freely but if I turn the other side one click it gets too tight and wont sleep easilly.Also the yo-yo came with spare starburst pieces.The ones in the yo-yo are white plastic,the spares are clear plastic.Is there some significant difference between them or are the extras just “replacements” in case the originals wear out?The instructions that came with the yo-yo dont even mention these spare starburst pieces.Thanks.

Clear should be rubber and white should be plastic response. You could recess one half entirely and have the other pointing out some and it won’t affect string centering. The response can be set anyway you want it

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Thanks,and what would be the difference between rubber and plastic?Sorry if this is obvious to anybody else,but as I said in another post,I hadnt seen a yo-yo since the mid '60’s and have never seen a bearing yo-yo.I searched for one for my friends young daughter and got interested again myself.

They grip differently. I generally prefer the rubber response when using a deeper recess. I’d say the plastic doesn’t grip as well but it’s been a long time since I played with one.

I sent the question to Yo-Yo Factory and they responded that the plastic was prone to breakage and they thought any still on the market had the rubber installed.They didnt offer any opinion about any difference in response.The one I got was a “B grade” I ordered here from Yo Yo Expert,so likely an older model and the rubber was included as an “upgrade”.I installed the rubber one and I dont notice anything different about the response,but I probably wouldnt,being a novice.It makes sense that the softer rubber would grip a bit better,as you point out,sparhawk.So far I do like this more than the fixed axle I already have.

This is an organic bearingized throw so I’d hope it performs a bit better than your fixed axle throw. Just wait till you get comfortable and get something a bit more modern. You’ll get to see some of the steps that have been made in such little time

Oh,it surely does outperform the fixed.I have a Duncan Wheels,which is supposed to be a “long spin” model,but it hardly sleeps at all,compared to the Speed Dial.Could not do any sort of string mount with the Duncan.Even a simple “walk the dog” was impossible,as soon as the rim touched the floor it would jump back up.