Speed Beetle at Toys 'R' Us?

(YoYoBlaze) #1

So I wanna buy a Speed Beetle at Toys R us just to see if I wanna pick up looping. But a lot of reviews say that Speed Beetle simply sucks. Should I still get it?


Try to buy some Imperials to see if you like it. Then buy some more top of the line loopers.

For that, I reccomend Raiders (modded) ar Sunsets.

(Mitch) #3

I’d reccomend using the same yoyo in each hand because the weighting and stuff…

To start pick up Speedles because their fairly cheap at Toys’R’Us then later upgrade…

Jay is one you should ask about higher end loopers… He even has a video on how to mod Raiders


Modded Raiders!

Because you are starting, Just use a a pair of the same Yo-yo’s, But if your taste and you like looping different Yo-yo’s, It’s okay, It’s your preference.

(ed) #5

i really prefer siliconed sunsets, but i feel loop 720’s are better for learning to loop and hop.
honestly though, i learned to loop with wood axles, and a pair of russells, proyos, or 3in1’s would be great for the basics.

modded raiders CAN be great, but there’s just so much variation (and risk) in modding them yourself, and there are products out there that play great without any inconsistency.

(Cinimod105) #6

Yes, you can also get Raider ex.


I have a pair of Speedles for 10 shipped if you want them REALLY cheap.


i have a speed bettle and yes it isnt the best but if you are just beginning to loop it is perfect.
it isnt expensive and it is a yoyo that you can just pick up and go.

I would recommend it for a starter looping yoyo.



i bought a speed beetle and i think its pretty good. but then again i dont really have anything to compare it to…