Speed Bearing is stuck!

Okay so my YYJ Speed Bearing is stuck in my Dark Magic 2. I cant get it out, what do I do? :’(

If I take my DM2 apart, my bearing falls right out. I just a Lyn Fury and a Meteor, those hold the bearing real tight. But my Phenomism, Phenom, Speeder 2, Chaser and XCon Pro are like the DM2 and the bearing is easily removed. Even my kid’s Legacy II is loose to the bearing.

Use a bearing puller and wiggle it out. Or, use pliers that have a center round gap for wire cutting, those work very good, just don’t do the “Death grip” on the handles.

The YYF multi tool helped. :stuck_out_tongue: And usually my bearings fall right out, but this one got real stuck.