how do I get this stuck bearing off my dark magic 2 had it responsive since I got it a month ago please tell me how to get it off

Needle nosed pliers have a circular opening near the hinge that is perfect for pulling C sized bearings.

remember, wiggle the bearing. DONT SQEEZE HARD! you run the risk of shattering the bearing. sometimes i put a rubber sheet or a rubber band around the bearing to get a good grip :smiley:

I never had that problem. I open my DM2 and the bearing will fall out. I have 3 other DM2’s I have access to(a 2nd that’s mine, my wife’s and my son’s). In fact, I don’t have tight bearing seats on any of my YYJ yoyos.

You want a bearing puller, 1/4" drill bit or a pair of pliers with a ROUND area for wire cutting. Wiggle, be patient, don’t rush.

Got it out


Good job!