Spec X?


I saw the Spec X in the store and was wondering if anybody knew how they played. I was never really a fan of spec bearings but the Spec x looks interesting.-


Eh, its okay. It isn’t smoother because it has two extra balls like the OD Ten Ball. It feels like a well cleaned eight ball. The one I got from the Mystery Box doesn’t have shields.

(Jei Cheetah) #3


I say what I say to many, any bearing greater than the stock bearing that came with your yoyo is not any “greater” at all.

There will be no significant enhancement or notable play different no matter what bearing you buy, best to just throw what you have and know that you are not losing out by not buying something “greater”





I agree to an extent. The extra play a fancy bearing can add IS there, but isn’t enough to warrant the extra price. I like CTs and Ten Balls better than other bearings because of feel, though. Feel is something people don’t seem to take into account when choosing a bearing.