What's so good about SPEC bearings?

The title says most of it. Is it better than a KK bearing, ball bearing, or even a Dorothy bearing? Could I lube it? What are some of the characteristics?

I agree,what is the big difference,and also what is the difference between a SPEC and dorothy?

the 1/2 spec bearings are a bit thinner than standard, so they cause the yoyo to have a slightly different play and feel than a normal bearing would give.

Dorothy bearings are standard size.

Well, Johnny, by what has happened to you it seems like yours is screwed up. Clean it again and let it dry for a while.

Anyway, I like them more then KK’s and Dorothy’s. Dorothy’s are too sensitive, and KK’s arent smooth.

SPEC’s provide great spin time, unresponsive out of the box, and are very smooth.

Spec is noticeably better then dorothy to me. In my opinion spec seems to be better quality bearing than a kk , but kk has the string centring advantage.

What? What do you mean I screwed it up? I didn’t anything to the bearing.

I didnt say you screwed it up

SPEC bearings play exceptionally smooth, come unresponsive, and spin for long amounts of time.

Also, they feature YYFs logo on the side!

for me SPEC is very smooth and unresponsive…Kks are not as smooth as sepc but i recommend you to get a 10 ball bearing.Its my favorite ;D :wink:

what are the advantages of a 10 ball bearing? :-[

It is smooth like the SPEC and what makes it stand out is that it has a ‘bouncy’ feel to it in play.