yyf SPEC bearing?


What is the SPEC bearing for? (I’m new to yoyoing)


For your yoyo.

It’s a C-sized bearing that is full width for the size, as opposed to a half-spec size(half the width). it’s a very common sized bearing. It can be used in pretty much any yoyo that uses a C-sized bearing.


That’s just what they call their regular C size bearing. There is also the half-SPEC bearing which comes with with the YYF One and that’s a thin C size bearing to make the gap smaller and the yoyo more responsive


It’s a bearing. It makes your yoyo spin.
Personally, I think its an OK bearing, but I would go with the YYJ Speed bearing over the SPEC.


It is a very good bearing that you should get if you need one.


Love YYJ Speed Bearings IMO for me its better than the OD 10 ball


They come free with a $9 yoyo.