Uhm hi guys I’ve been wondering, which should I buy… a Konkave or a SPEC,

Konkave as I know centers the string for it not to frict with the sides

and SPEC hastens and smoothens the play, but some people say it’s the same…

I’m kinda confused

Cool I guess it’s only me who has to decide…

I have a kk bearing and what I can say is its like a ordinary bearing only having a konkave shape (except not like other bearings its stainless steel) and it really gives unresponsiveness and smoothness IMO

For the spec
I Don’t have one …but it’s still worth the upgrade (IMO)
cause if you want your yoyo to play like a yoyofactory yoyo then upgrade to spec
(the Spec also has a YYF engraved(?) on the bearing)
So you will get the performance of a yyf yoyo from the spec

hope it help

What’s the difference between YYF and YYJ yoyos

Yoyos? or Bearings?

The yoyos are all different in their own ways.

The bearings are just made with different cages, balls etc. The insides of both bearings are different. But the real difference is probably a company secret.

ill just get a SPEC…

After having and experiencing both, I would rather have a KonKave bearing.

If it is between the two then KK, but my all time favorite is the 10 ball. But that is just my highly bias opinion.


I would have to choose the spec over the kk. The kk spins a little longer and centers the string, But the SPEC is smoother and I just prefer flat bearings. But the ceramic kk owns all IMO

In your opinion that is,I actually prefer 10-balls over ceramic KK.

so far, kk.

ps. would it be smart to put a kk in my dv888?

Most likely. KK’s improve yo-yos (IMO). But the DV888 does come with a good bearing (IMO) already so I wouldn’t recommend buying one just for the heck of it. You should just stick with the SPEC (IMO).

Unless you already have a KK,if not,I would stick with the stock bearing,but it is you choice.

i already have one broken in in my yoyo box. ill try it out.

                            -thank you

Well,there wasn’t much reason to ask then,you could have tried it,and if you didn’t like it,you put the stock bearing in.

I think SPEC bearings are for YYF, KK bearing are for major yoyo brand like YYF, YYJ, Duncan, One-Drop, CLYW, etc.

Happy Throwing! =]

whoops, sorry i didnt make it clear. i forgot i had one because i got it with my pgm and that was my first real yoyo. (after i posted it hit me like a ton of bricks that i had it)

ps. i just tried it out and it worked kinda the same except a little snaggy and louder. i put the stock berring back. :-\

thank you and sorry gm user. :-[

SPEC bearings work in every yoyo that uses a large (C) size bearing. And from what I’ve heard, a SPEC will easily outspin any stock bearing in addition to be smoother. KonKave bearings center the string for you. A pretty smart feature, but you will still find people that don’t see that feature as a need.

Addment: I will set my opinion when I get my SPEC in the mail.

What would be great is if they combined the spec and the KK. Than everyone wins! Later.

Keep it spinning™