Spacer Problems!

My new Protostar got hair in its bearing and then the spacer got stuck to the bearing! Now it Wont spin!

go To Yoyofactoryvideo On YouTube. They Show How to get Spacers Off

I saw the title and immediatly thought; Protostar!

Hey bro, calm down. Lets take this one by one.
A hair stuck in the bearing can be solved by either plucking it out if possible, or cleaning the bearing. Many tutorials out there on youtube for how.

And the spacer stuck on the bearing. Casual thing. Every Protostar has their spacer stuck to it. And again, many videos on youtube how.

Use an Exacto knife if you have one, or just something to slip betweent the spacer and the bearing. Then start prying. Don’t go easy on it, it doesn’t matter if the spacer gets scratched, it wont affect play.

If you pry with an exacto blade you will break it. They are very brittle and break easily. A thumb tack or thicker pin works ok.

It worked for me and my friends…

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That’s nice! Doesn’t change the fact that x-acto blades are brittle and can break when prying, they aren’t made for that. However it might prove that the spacer wasn’t stuck all that badly or more likely that dumb luck indeed does exist. ;D

Yeah I know, they’re made for gently cutting through paper, like artwork.
I also sometimes used box cutter, and that worked too.

For my Protostar a thumbtack didn’t work; just messed up the spacer. A Swiss army knife works wonders if used the same way that tyler used the thumbtack.

X-acto knife blades cut deep. I speak from experiance. DON’T CUT YOURSELF!!!

But it’s a clean cut. :wink:

If you sterilize it. They aren’t made for cutting off skin like in The Terminator.