Protostar Metal Spacer


I am trying to remove the bearing on my protostar but I can’t seem to seperate the Spacer from the bearing first. I looked online and so a video by Tyler on how to remove it with a thumb tac, but the method doesnt seem to work on my protostar and is scrapin off the metal. Anyone have alternate solutions?


If you have access to one. I just got a razor blade and it’s thin enough to put in between. From there,
I rotate in any clockwork direction while applying some pressure upward and it usually does the trick.
being sure not to cut yourself


Best to lay it on a counter rather than hold it in your hand.
I know this is obvious, but… :wink:


When I had my Protostar I was sooo tempted to get it modded to take spr.


Dude! I tottaly destroyed this lol. First i tried the tac, and got a bunch of scratches with no progress in seperating just a little, then I tried Razor blades (for flatter insertion) 2 razor blades broke on me and so i resorted to plier. The pliers scratched, cut, crushed and warped the spacers completely. I destroyed that thing. I have since gotten new bearings and spacers but I wanted to know if any other type of spacers can be used in place of the YYF ones? Is there a mod that can be used or is the protostar only compatible with YYF spacers? and if there is something else, would you recommend it?


im not a fan of spacers myself, however when i do have this problem, i use a pocket knife… still thin enough, but sturdier than a razor blade… and safety cannot be stressed enough



Same thing happened to me! I ordered new spacers but used a different bearing and now it doesn’t get as stuck, but still a little bit.


I found the best way to get it off is by using a flat head screw driver. They actually recommended it when I email yoyoexpert.