So I got the mystery box the other day, and in it I got a Shaqlerstar. After playing with it for a bit I opened it up and saw that it had spacers (which I was completely unfamiliar with beforehand). Gotta say, I like the Shaqlerstar, but these spacers are infuriating. Any tips on how to get them off of the bearing?? I tried pliers and the multitool, but the multitool got stuck too, and the pliers just ate up the sides of the spacer.

same spacers there

I had the same issue with my Protostar, the bearings were stuck on the spacer. I wedged a thin knife between the bearing and the spacer and wiggled it around to slowly separate the two. Just be really careful if you use this method

Yeah, both spacers are stuck on either side of the bearing, and I thought about trying that knife thing too. Glad I got this in the mystery box and didn’t pay for it in full. I think I’ll be avoiding spacers from here on out.

Jewlers screwdriver might get it.

You need pliers that have a concaved grip area. Flat ones do not work good. And when you grip the bearing with your pliers you simply want to rock them back and forth until the bearings gives from the seat. I know this is a little confusing to hear but once you get ahang of it they come out fine. I will attach th type of plier I’m talking about.

I usually put the bearing on the axle, then use a pair of scissors between the spacer and the bearing and cut gently, then move to the opposite angle and do the same thing until it separates.