South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet

(SlimJoe) #41

I’ll be at MMC with my girlfriend, so I wont make it.

Monday is vet’s day, anyone wanna schedule a meet then?


Hey I’m at mmc on Friday lol


Can I still join??? My name is Ernest Gilbert and I have only been yo-yoing for about 2 weeks however I pick up fast. I currently have a shutter but I am waiting for my supernova to come in.\

(SlimJoe) #44

Can people make it on monday?!


Just a tip-

Anyone can come to the club.

Have it set on a saturday or sunday at a certain time. If anyone cant make it its their fault and they can try next week.


For the new guy, clubs aren’t “join.” You come. Everyone is welcome to anything yoyo related new or old :wink:


I’ll be there Friday at around 345 if u wanna goin you are more than welcome. But Monday sounds good too

(SlimJoe) #47

dude, lets make it monday!


I’m ganna be around there anyways so why not both days lol


I would like to meet too! I live in Davie


Awesome lets all meet up Monday how does that work for everyone?


Yeah that would be great how about like ty park or something like that

(SlimJoe) #52

The park is fine! Let’s meet near the fountain in the middle.



(SlimJoe) #54



tomorrow at 2? give me your phone number so we can meet up

(SlimJoe) #56

I’m good with two. Everyone else?


Ok so tomorrow TY park at 2 in the middle by the fountain


Yeah we will he there



You guys cant keep trying to get a day where everyone is available. Make it 3 days a week or something…


We are just making a location and a time that’s it