South Florida Yoyo Club and Meet


I got school on Friday.


Till what time?


3:00 PM


I have school but alittle later I could make it

(SlimJoe) #25

The time could be moved? How does 4 sound?


I’m off nothing to do so I could do 4


Me too!


Where on young circle

(SlimJoe) #29

At the park! In the middle?


It’s right off Hollywood blvd right?

Edit: anyone talk to moe about the time changing to 4?


I won’t be able to go if it is Friday, but you guys can go. I’ll go to the next one maybe make it during the weekend. God Bless - Moefv


So is every one down for Friday? Are we still ganna meet ?

(SlimJoe) #33

I;m down friday at 4.


Alright see you there

(SlimJoe) #35

Wait D: can we move it to tomorrow? Same time and place?


I’m working till 5 tomorrow

(SlimJoe) #37

I cant make friday. Whenever you guys schedule the next one, ill try to make it.


So no one is going Friday?


Can u guys do it tomorrow at like 4 or 5


I’ll go late